It is Fun To Do web stuff

If you have the passwords, you can have fun testing out lots of easy and open source web based software.

Dev phone sites

For example try writing things on

and let me know which one you prefer.

Or go to and see some cool things.

Using Softaculous easy to install software includes:
Gallery Freeway, FluxBB, Feng Office, FAQMasterFlex, Gregarius, Geeklog, Gallery, Freeway, FluxBB, Feng Office, FAQMasterFlex, eyeOS, Ext JS, ExoPHPDesk, Elgg, eggBlog, EasyPoll, e107, Drupal, dotProject, Dotclear, Dolphin, DokuWiki, Dojo, CubeCart, Crafty Syntax, Coppermine, Concrete5, CodeIgniter, ClipBucket, Claroline, CJ Dynamic Poll, ccMail, BlackNova Traders, BellaBook, bbPress, b2evolution, AJS, AEF, Advanced Poll, Advanced Guestbook, AccountLab Plus, Aardvark Topsites, 4images, Lazarus, kPlaylist, Kamads, jQuery, Joomla, Jcow, iQDesk, Impleo, HESK, Help Center Live, 4images, PhpWiki, phpwcms, phpSupport, phpShop, phpScheduleIt, PHProjekt, phpOnline, phpMyFAQ, phpList, phpLD, phpicalendar, PhpGedView, phpFreeChat, phpFormGenerator, PHPfileNavigator, phpESP, phpCollab, phpBook, phpBB, phpAlbum, PHPads, PHP-Nuke, PHP Support Tickets, Phorum, osTicket, osCommerce, OpenX, OpenDocMan, OpenClassifieds, OpenCart, Open-Realty, Open Web Messenger, Open Blog, Nucleus, Noahs Classifieds, NetOffice, MyBB, Multiplayer Checkers, MooTools, Moodle, MODx, MochiKit, MediaWiki, Mantis Bug Tracker, Mambo, Magento, LittlePoll, LinPHA, LimeSurvey, LifeType, Jcow, iQDesk, Impleo, HESK, Help Center Live, Lazarus, Zikula, ZenPhoto, Zen Cart, YUI, YOURLS, Xoops, XMB, WordPress MU, WordPress, Word Search Puzzle, WikkaWiki, WHMCS, Website Baker, Webinsta Maillist, WeBid, WebCalendar, VX Guestbook, VidiScript, UseBB, Typo3, TinyWebGallery, TikiWiki, Textpattern, SugarCRM, StatusNet, SquirrelMail, sNews, SMF, Sizzle, Simple PHP Poll, Shutter, Shadows Rising, Serendipity, Scripty2,, Rico, RicarGBooK, Raphael, PunBB, Prototype, ProjectPier, PrestaShop, poMMo, Podcast Generator, PmWiki, Pligg, Pixie, Pixelpost, Piwik, Piwigo, kPlaylist, Kamads, jQuery, Joomla, Gregarius, Geeklog. Note: Not all software may be available at all times.